Salvana Wrafton

The owner of Winterhavens only bar Wrafton's Inn.



The woman greeted you to her bar, her red hair tied back in pig tails dressed in a loose green dress she seemed to be a soft freindly person, until she let out a cry throwing the drunken brtute that she was holding out of the door barely missing you…

Salvana stands at around 4' 8" and weight 112lb she is from afar, a beatiful calm looking girl who has the apearance of someone who never gets there hands dirty, has never been in a fight and just wants to get by in life. This is all wrong of course.

Salavana is a tough woman and one of Winterhaven Militia, she in one word the toughest militia member and has over the years she has run the wraftons learnt to stickup for herself and get rid of rowdy patrons, prefrebly just by asking, but if they refuse… she normally thros them out… literally. 

The Wraftons came to Winterhaven to 80 years after the devastation of the Helixian Kingdoms, building an inn so that travelers could have a place to stay in the dangerous plains at the time. Since it has been passed down through the female generation all the way to Salvana which is why she is so protective of the inn and the land around it.

Salvana however other then being tough is actually a freindly person, welcoming strangers and always hoping to make freinds with passers by she hires the freindliest staff and lets only the freindliest patrons stay for a drink. her rates are low her meals great and the atmosphere she keeps in her pub, warm and kind.

Salvana's goals in life are typical on an innkeep, make money and run a sucessful bar being two of them but there are also other goals she seeks. Salavana for example hopes to one day have a daughter to pass her inn on to so to maintain tradition, but also she wishes to spread Wrafton's further then Winterhaven maybe opening a branch in fallcrest or Kroxor.


Salvana Wrafton

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